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You may have noticed three extra tabs that currently have nothing under them, and that’s because these tabs are dedicated to you. We want our readers to send in their own stories to have them posted here under those tabs. Here is some information about each tab.

Acts of Kindness

Here you can find real stories about a time someone was kind to another person. This can range from anything as simple as a stranger helping someone else pick up their books all the way up to the most elaborate story. We hope that by you sharing a time someone was kind, others will feel inspired to pass it forward.

Black Lives Matter

This is a tab dedicated to hearing stories from Black voices. We want to raise these voices up and give them a positive platform to share their experiences despite those that want to silence them. 


This tab is deeply personal to me, and I want it to be filled with stories from members of the LGBTQ+ community. Coming out, coming of age, acceptance, and love can be found under this tab. I especially want LGBTQ+ youth to be able to hear voices like theirs here and find authentic representation.

We hope that you will consider sending in a story of your own, so that you are able to impact someone. You can submit these stories by emailing them to cureourclimate@gmail.com. Please include your country, age, and name if you are comfortable. Ecokind looks forward to hearing your stories. Thank you!

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