“It’s just a straw”

By 2050, there is estimated be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Out of the eight million tons of plastic only about 0.025% of the plastic currently occupying our oceans are plastic straws, so why do environmentalist focus so much on straws?

Straws are unnecessary plastic that able-bodied people are able to do without. 500 millions straws are used everyday in the United States alone, and 8.3 billions straws end up on our beaches each year. This is massive pollution caused by 7.5 inch straw that could easily be avoided. This is why some states are slowly beginning to phase out plastic straws.

Unlike other plastic, straws cannot be recycled. This means that plastic straws eventually make their way into the ocean and break down into micro plastics, leach out toxins, and cover the ocean floor. Ocean life is desperately in need for us to let go of straws.

But there is still alternatives for those of us that love to drink through straws:
Paper straws are an alternative that can be recycled or composted, and will break down unlike a plastic one. I use biodegradble straws. They have all the same characteristics of a plastic straw, but are better for the environment. I also own one or two metal and bamboo straws.

These are all great alternatives, but try to remember to avoid excess! You only need one or two of a reusable cup or straw!

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